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Oregon State Beavers

Store History

Jim Trump opened his hobby store in 1970 while he worked towards his M.S. at Oregon State University. "I paid $10 a month rent for a little room in front of a diaper service. The store was open only a few hours a day, and no one came in on Thursdays; that was the day they brought the dirty diapers in." Later, he eventually opened the store full-time. "I borrowed $500 to start. I kept putting money back into the business, and it kept growing."

Unlike many business owners, Jim speaks of moving with a smile. "We moved to Buchanan and Kings, then Kings and Circle, and we were at Plaza 9 for six years. In 1988, we moved to our current location in the Timberhill Shopping Center. It never really bothered our customers; they would always show up in droves to help us move. You get to know people so much better in this business than if you're selling cars or shoes. Parents who were kids when I first started are now bringing their kids in. That's pretty neat!"

"You get to know people very quickly as well; just like at the old barber shop. Our customers stretch from the coast to Denver, and from the Canadian border to California. With HP, CH2M Hill, and the university, we have clients from all over the world."

People exclaim about Trump's selection, Jim says. "We carry lots of parts, all the small pieces you'll need. And we're a service organization, here to guide people through the project as needed. Hobbies get your mind off your everyday troubles; they shouldn't be frustrating. We want to make it as painless as possible to have as much fun as you can. Jim DeBoer really helps with that; he's the company's biggest asset. He's been with me since the mid-70's and is very knowledgeable in every area we deal with."

And there are certainly many different areas. From ninety-nine cent gliders to three-thousand dollar radio controlled planes and helicopters; and from already-built models to the exciting selection of games, Trump's Hobbies has something to fit everyone's pocketbook and patience. "We can't do much about making life longer, but we certainly can help make it wider!"